The Driver's Club.

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Drive the Cars. Experience the Clubhouse.
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We wondered how to get the perfect car for any occasion while avoiding the complications and impossible costs of a collector’s garage.

RCLUB is our solution.

Members have access to our fleet of driver-focused cars as well as our Toronto Clubhouse and enjoy unique automotive events.

How it Works

Members pay annual dues for an allocation of driving credits Credits are used to drive any car in the fleet Reservations are made online, by phone, or directly at the Club
All vehicles are available for pickup or delivery Bonus credits can be purchased or acquired through goodwill

The Clubhouse

Built for those with an appreciation of cars and driving experiences; the Clubhouse is open year-round as a gathering place for petrol-heads.

Members come to experience the cars, sip coffee, and chat with fellow enthusiasts.

Whether it's Pizzas on Porsches, head-to-head on simulators, or fireside chats with driving legends; there's always something happening at the Club.


  • Tucked away in the heart of Leaside, Toronto
  • Minutes from the Don Valley Parkway and Bayview Extension
  • Part garage, part showroom, part event space

The Fleet

Grounded in a love of unique, classic, and all-around interesting vehicles, our dynamic, ever-changing fleet is for Members to enjoy as if it were their own.

From light-weight analog cars to modern supercars and everything in between, we provide Members with the keys to a full stable of the best cars.

Try not to get attached to any one car; they rotate often.

Experiences & Member Events

Our Next Public Event is the Mexican Grand Prix

  • Join us at our Toronto Clubhouse for a live screening of the Mexican Grand Prix.
  • Enjoy fresh pastries and coffee, while cheering on your favourite team with other automotive enthusiasts.
  • All cars are welcome and ample parking is available.
  • Open house via RSVP.

What Will You Drive Next?

With some of the world's best drivers' cars at your fingertips, your most pressing concern will be which one to drive next.

Here's what's in the collection today.

Ferrari F355 Spider RWD | 375hp | Gated 6MT Credits: 120/weekday | 360/weekend
Acura NSX AWD | 573hp | DCT Credits: 120/weekday | 360/weekend
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider RWD | 237hp | DCT Credits: 72/weekday | 216/weekend
BMW E30 M3 RWD | 217hp | Dog-leg 5MT Credits: 60/weekday | 168/weekend
Toyota Supra MKV RWD | 335hp | ZF8 Credits: 65/weekday | 180/weekend
Acura NSX RWD | 270hp | 5MT Credits: 72/weekday | 216/weekend
BMW M2 Competition RWD | 405hp | 6MT Credits: 65/weekday | 180/weekend
Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet RWD | 231hp | 5MT Credits: 60/weekday | 168/weekend
Ford Mustang 289 Coupe RWD | 271hp | Auto Credits: 24/weekday | 72/weekend

Future Candidates?

Members help decide on new cars for the fleet and here's a sneak peak of cars we think they'd enjoy.

Audi RS4 AWD | 414hp | 6MT
Mercedes-AMG GT S RWD | 515hp | DCT
McLaren 570 S RWD | 562hp | DCT
Lotus Evora S RWD | 345hp | 6MT
Audi R8 V10 AWD | 532hp | DCT
Mercedes-AMG G 63 AWD | 537hp | Auto
Nissan GTR AWD | 565hp | DCT

All Members Enjoy:

  • Seven-day-a-week Clubhouse access
  • Packed calendar of Club events
  • Invites to our roster of group driving events

Choose Your Access Level

Founding Driving Clubhouse

This membership, limited to 30 total, includes our most advanced booking privileges and enough credits to spend 4 day weekends with each car in the fleet.

  • 2,500 driving credits
  • Up to 4 weeks in advance vehicle reservations
  • 1 wildcard, good for a single 12 month in advance reservation

This tier includes all membership perks above and more than enough credits to spend time with every car in the fleet.

  • 1,200 driving credits
  • Up to 3 weeks in advance vehicle reservations
  • 0 wildcards

Clubhouse Members enjoy all membership perks listed above and can add driving credits to drive any car in the fleet.

  • Driving credits can be purchased on demand
  • Same-day bookings only
  • 0 wildcards
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How do Memberships Work?

Is insurance included? Yes. Insurance is included with every membership. Members' driving history is checked during on-boarding, rated with our insurance provider, and added to the Club's plan.
What happens if I use all my credits? Additional credits are available for purchase and through goodwill.
How many guests can I bring to the Clubhouse? Members walk in with up to 3 guests at anytime. Book up to 10 through our reservations line.
How do I learn more about membership? Email us your inquiries, or book a one-on-one call with our friendly membership staff.